27y female with 3 months amenorrhoea referred to ultrasonography . 

On scan I found fetus of 12 weeks with fluid in the chest ( pleural/pericardial effusion). See the trans vaginal image.

 I advised repeat scan after 3 weeks to evaluate the fluid. See the trans vaginal scan image at 15tweek. Fluid is still present . 

But as such sonographically no other anomalies. After explaining the risk, we advised termination of pregnancy because sonographically we can exclude only 70-80% cardiac congenital anomalies. 

But patient wanted to continue the pregnancy. 

We did  a rescan at 36 week. See the image . 

No evidence of fluid in the chest or residual signs of previous fluid. 

We did scan after delivery in the neonatal period. Baby is healthy. See the image . All  the chambers of heart are normal. No pleural effusion.

Inference/Learning: From this incidence is some of  the abnormalities are self limiting specially when there is no other associated congenital anomalies.

Learning submitted by  Dr. M. Adinarayana Rao. M.D.(Radio-diagnosis).


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