Dear Cyber radiologist,

Today, with information technology, every field is changing drastically in all aspects and is enlightening that field. Hence all service providers (Whatever are the services may be) are adopting the information technology as a platform to provide more services, to more people (Globalization) without delay & with optimum quality.

Radiology (104 years old) is always a bridge/link between highly growing modern technology and highly stable medical field. Majority of  modern technology available, at any given time (in this 104 years) , has been  applied to medical field through radiology. Today's latest technology i.e. information technology is expanding enormously. If radiology is lagging behind in utilization of I.T., automatically whole medical services will be effected drastically. Radiology belongs to all radiologists. Hence it is all  radiologists responsibility to learn & apply (Research, Education) the  I.T. in radiology field. I am very happy to intimate that WWW.radiologyworld.com has taken this opportunity to provide service in that area.

     Radiology is a bridge /link between patient and a referral doctor. In developing & underdeveloped countries majority population is at rural area. Due to lack of radiologists ,radiology services are not available to the clinical doctors. Radiologyworld.com has blue print to serve the  people in this remote location. 

      To provide good volume & wide range of services, the cost of the equipment  (specially CT & MRI) should be brought down further by R&D. At the same time radiologist should educate other referral doctors through CME to utilize radiological services for quick recovery of their patients. So lot of responsibilities to radiologist. Radiologist should never think  that his job is over just by doing or completion of scan.  My sincere request is to extend your responsibility to enrich golden radiology field . 

        If you have any good idea (Whatever it may be) to serve or to enlighten the radiology or radiological services please feel it as your right to contact me by e-mail. Soon we will introduce different web services to fulfill this webtorial with your kind co-operation and participation. Be in touch with  radiolyworld.com and make the other radiologists come in touch with radiologyworld.com. 

       I believe "Every thing is possible with co-operation".

Thank u,

Yours sincerely,