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Full fledged ultrasonographic practical training
Limited persons per batch will be trained to ensure quality of training



Now a days role of diagnosis in the management of disease or patient is very crucial and very important in treating the patient accurately. Earlier the diagnosis and so early the treatment. Hence the patient recovery is quick & complete. That will reduce morbidity & mortality. Diagnosis  not only includes the identification of disease but also identification of etiology and complications of that disease.

Ultrasound enables early diagnosis of disease & its etiology, complication without pain and with high sensitivity & specificity. Ultrasound is useful in diagnosis of the congenital to degenerative diseases covering from head to toe without any harmful effects and is cost effective. Ultrasound detects the disease of organs in situ unlike pathology without disturbing the organ function. For Ultrasonography elaborate preparations are not required and results are reproducible.

In developing & under developed countries the countable few trained ultra sonographers & ultra sonologists are inadequate as such. To add fuel to the fire even they are migrating to the developed countries causing a huge vacuum in this critical diagnostic field.

The population explosion in these countries warrants properly trained sonologists and sonographers with more & more demand in the sonographic diagnosis.

To provide accurate diagnosis to the clinician (referral doctor) & the patient as per ever increasing demand, & 'MA' Scan & Research Center are jointly offering training in medical ultrasound diagnosis on scientific lines through internet. So that one can under go sonographic training with out leaving/forgoing your good practice. For practicals, training doctors should attend physically.

'MA' Scan & Research Center is premium research center in Sonology and telemedicine. Its has tie up for practical Sonology training with 'MA' Scan & Research Center has 4D Color Doppler, high resolution ultrasound equipment. (Login to & 'MA' Scan & Research Center jointly offers 4 courses in sonology field. 

  Theory is taught by through on line, Practical training is imparted  by 'MA' Scan & Research Center. Basic Ultrasound training contains 16 interactive modules . Each module is followed by 10 to 40 multiple choices questionnaire (Test). Study the module twice or thrice and understand the contents. Then answer the questionnaire. If once secures 70% in the 1st questionnaire , then 2nd module will open automatically. In case of failure to get 70%, then study the same module again and new questionnaire will pop up for answering. Until one obtains 70% in questionnaire next module will not open and fresh questionnaire  will open after each failure to obtain 70% marks.       

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