1. Routinely , once patient is referred to higher town for opinion, the patient and the income generated

    by treating him is completely lost as the patient goes physically to another doctor. By referring patient

    to you are not physically sending the patient thereby, patient will be with you and

    even the expertise needed to treat him is also with you.


2. By referring your complicated cases you are made aware of the specialist care treatment so that you

    can apply this to other patients without any additional costs.


3. As the patients relatives / attendants come to know of this money saving / time saving mode of

    treatment there will be much news among their community and more cases may attend your Op's

    and boost your practice.


4. Expert opinion leads to definitely better treatment which ultimately leads to quick recovery of

     patient. This may enhance your practice.


 5. Patients when they become aware that you are taking 2nd opinion for difficult cases they develop

     confidence in you since you are doing everything available without much loss of money to the



6. Another added benefit for nursing homes with laboratory is that any tests advised by specialists can

     be done at your own lab thereby, it also adds up to your income.


7. By having internet facility you can also have the chat facility thereby increasing your knowledge and

      also have a chance to clarify your doubts with experts.


 8. Your patient is getting specialty & super specialist treatment through you. This must have never

     happened in your home town, so definitely you will have a cutting edge over other practioners.


 9. An additional boost for your revenue has tie up to refer the patients physically.

    ( if you agree for certain terms & conditions).


10. X-rays, CT, MRI, Ultrasound scan & ECG can be send to concerned specialist.


11. Opportunity to choose consultant.


12) Ease to treat or refer the patient because of accurate advise. Hence success rate of recovery  is increased and           

       failure rate is avoided.


13)  Avoid iatrogenic disease.


14) Along radiology consultations referral doctor can utilize the facilities available at


Terms & Conditions: is a subsidiary of E-doctors net ( is website) private limited company, which has established the  electronic network of doctors whose aim is " Tele-medicine to every (nursing) home". The sole purpose of which is to provide a user friendly, highly integrated net based platform through which a panel of consultants (Specialist doctors) will give their opinions for cases referred to them from referral doctors. This letter enlightens the rules and regulations and the terms that a consultant / referral doctor is bound to, as a member of

1. will give you a user name and a password so that the member can easily access the network.

2. The computer you have, should conform to technical specification as prescribed by 

Members joining as consultant or referral doctor will have to pay

  a). Annual membership fee

  b). One time non refundable activation charges.

  c) Advance fees.( To conduct interviews, medical camps in case of consultants and to deduct the consultant fee in case of referral doctors).


Rules and regulations for a member joining as a referral doctor.

    Advance consultant fees paid will be credited to your account which will be maintained by us. Consultants fee and service charges will be debited from this account.

      It is the sole responsibility of the member to check the status of the account on the website

      It is the responsibility of the member to see that his account is replenished from time to time by making payments to at intervals depending on the usage.

     Each payment shall not be less than Rs. 1000/- and if the balance in your account is insufficient to pay the consultant fee, in such situation, your case shall not be forwarded to consultant until the account is replenished and we will not be responsible for the consequence there of.

In the event the amount in your account falls below Rs. 700/- at any time and is not replenished within a period 30 days  has the right to suspend your membership till you replenish your account.

Due care must be taken to  ensure that any case prepared by you for reference to a consultant should have all material details necessary and relevant to case to provide opinion. shall not be responsible for any consequences of incorrect or incomplete information provided by you in relation to your case.

Consultant / Referral doctor are advised to read the terms and conditions of use displayed on the website carefully before using the E-doctors network.

Any modifications, addition to the terms from time to time will be carried out only by  These rights being reserved.

Your membership with  shall come into force from the issuing of username and password and shall be valid until due period.

Either of us can terminate this relationship without cause by giving each other 60 days written notice. In case  has found that you have committed a breach in the above agreement of terms and regulations, your membership will be terminated immediately without notice. may give you a grace period of 30 days so that you can rectify the cause.

And further  shall not be liable to refund all or any part of fees / charges paid by you on account of any such termination / suspension.

Within 30 days of termination of your membership,  shall after deducting all unpaid dues including pending consultant fees, refund the advance consultant fees. If any paid by you. The amount will be calculated in accordance with the records maintained by us and the same will be final and binding on you.

If any dispute arises between us during the period of your membership or thereafter  in connection with the validity interpretation, implementation of alleged breach of the contents of the letter of terms & conditions of use, this dispute will be resolved or referred to a sole arbitrator or two arbitrators each one of us nominating one.  The two nominated by us can appoint another arbitrator. The place for this resolvement of differences shall be Hyderabad and proceedings will be governed by the Indian Arbitration & Conciliation act 1996. The language shall be English.

By click over the 'I accept' button ,this letter of agreement it is confirmed that you have read the above contents and have agreed to abide by the rules and regulations governing the network through and entire  and you shall have access to these services only under the specified rules.

I have read and thoroughly understood the above mentioned terms and conditions of use and agree that  I shall abide by the terms and conditions throughout my term.

                                                                      I accept                  I reject