3) Responsibilities.

Encourage other doctors to join in Edoctorsnet.com
Never say negatively about your company to others , even through they are members of Edoctorsnet.com.
Print on visiting as Member of Edoctorsnet.com'
You should discuss at any time with directors of company , if you have doubts for clarification.
Pay Rs.1000/- when ever your advanced fees depleted to Rs. 1000/-.
Please send complete patient data, images, investigations for consultation.

4) Fees for referral doctors

                Nonrefundable single time activation fees Rs. 2,500/- 

                 Annual fees                                               Rs.2,500/-

                Advance consultation fees                          Rs.2,500/-

                                    Total                                    Rs.7,500/-

              Send the crossed DD for 7,500/- in the favor of edoctorsnet pvt. ltd. , payable at Hyderabad.