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24 weeks gestational age on routine ultrasound scan.


Liver is outside the anterior abdominal wall with intact sac surrounding it & large midline defect at Umbilical region. Umbilical cord is attached to the of sac.


The incidence of Omphalocele is about 1 per 3000 live births. It may be associated with chromosomal defects, X linked Autosomal dominant and Autosomal recessive disorders. The prevalence of chromosomal defects in live born infants with Omphalocele is 10% mainly Trisomis 18 and 13. In antenatal series ,the reported prevalence is about 36%, with Trisomy 18 being  the most common defect. Chromosome abnormalities are more likely when Omphalocele sac contains  only bowel (67%) compared to cases where the liver is included. In addition , the Karyotype is more likely to be abnormal when Omphalocele is associated with additional abnormalities ( 46% versus 13% for  isolated Omphalocele. Other anomalies are present with Omphalocele about half the time , particularly cardiac problems.


Diagnostic Ultrasound by Coral M. Rumack M.D.  , Stephanie R. Wilson M.D. , J. William Charboneau M.D.


Prof. P. Hymavathi., Dr. Suneela .

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