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Axial section of skull

Sagittal section

Axial section of Occipital Encephalocele

sagittal section of Occippital Encephalocele

Findings : Herniation of the portion of brain (Cerebellum) through a defect in Occipital bone at mid line.

DiagnosisOccipital Encephalocele.

Incidence of Encephalocele is 1 in 2500 births.75% occurs as mid line
defect in occipital bone. Bony defect is thought to be related to abnormal neural tube closure. Size of  Encephalocele is variable. May associated with Hydrocephaly.
Encephalocele is associated with agenesis of Corpus Callosum and with Meckel-gruber
syndrome, an autosomal recessive condition that also characterized by polydactyly &
polycystic kidneys.

Reference : RCNA VOL.28 1990
                 Diagnostic ultrasound by Carol M. Rumack, St.R.Wilson, J.William Charboneau

Submitted by: Dr.M.Adinarayana Rao M . D.

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