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Clinical details : 20 female with   G2L1     7TH MONTH

Findings : 3rd & lateral ventricles are dilated.
                   Medial wall of lateral ventricles are separated from mid line.
                   3rd ventricle is at high level.
                   Cisterna magna is normal.
                   Inter hemispheric fissure is touching the 3rd ventricle.

Diagnosis :Agenesis of Corpus Callosum.

Discussion :
A defective lamina reunions results in either partial or complete agenesis of corpus     callosum.  Complete agenesis is most  common. Absence of Corpus Callosum shows widely separated  lateral  ventricles with parallel medial  walls & enlarged, elevated 3rd ventricle. Abnormal 'radiating gyral '   pattern in the Mesial hemispheres, best seen in the latter part of 3rd trimester.

                    Common associations include inter hemispheric cyst, Intracranial   Lipoma, encephalocele, Dandy-walker  malformation, chary II malformation, Aquductal Stenosis, Trisomy 13 &18. Agenesis of  Corpus Callosum in the absence of other anomalies may be asymptomatic. Aicardi syndrome is characterized by female with agenesis of Corpus Callosum ocular abnormalities & infantile spasms.

Reference : RCNA vol:28 ., Diagnostic Neuro Radiology by ANNE G. OSBORN.

Submitted by : Dr.M.Adinarayana Rao. M.D. &  Dr. C. Savithri. M. D.(GYN&OBG.)

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