Consultant Radiologist

  Advantages : 

a) Each consultation is a paid service.

b) You have an opportunity to fix your consultation.

c) Your bio-data is displayed. So that all the referral doctors will come to know your professional performance / skill..

d) Great satisfaction of utilization of your experience or knowledge to more needy patients. 

e) Very interesting or rare cases may boost your experience.

f) Global display.

g) Opportunity to educate doctors and patients.

Terms & conditions is a subsidiary of E-doctors net ( is website) private limited company, which has established the  electronic network of doctors whose aim is " Tele-medicine to every (nursing) home". The sole purpose of which is to provide a user friendly, highly integrated net based platform through which a panel of consultants (Specialist doctors) will give their opinions for cases referred to them from referral doctors. This letter enlightens the rules and regulations and the terms that a consultant / referral doctor is bound to, as a member of


 The sole aim of and are to provide

                          "TELE-MEDICINE TO EVERY HOME"

                                  Any member willing to join in this should take the decisions to attain the aim

                          i.e. "TELE-MEDICINE TO EVERY HOME".

                                  Nations wealth and tele-medicine going hand in hand.  Make the people to utilize tele-medicine more and

                         more so that national wealth is created more and more.


1. will give you a user name and a password so that the member can easily access the network.

2. The computer you have, should conform to technical specification as prescribed by 

Members joining as consultant or referral doctor will have to pay

  a). Annual membership fee

  b). One time non refundable activation charges.

  c) Advance fees.( To conduct interviews, medical camps in case of consultants and to deduct the consultant fee in case of referral doctors).

Consultants are under an obligation to company with the following rules

1. Consultant should log on to the at least once in every 24 hrs. Any case sent for your opinion should be perused and opinion given within 24 hrs of sending the case. You should see that you do your best and that all cases sent to you, are responded in full and complete manner and to the best of your knowledge .No third party must be used for giving opinion in your name. Consultant is solely responsible for his opinions.   

2. In any event, if your not able to reach ( Due to travel / sickness) or any other reasons, it is your responsibility to inform of your inability to respond to the cases being referred along with the period of unavailability.

 Intimation of your inability can be done through a email or mail or by phone. You should intimate to at least 12 hrs in advance or as early as possible, so that the cases may be referred to other consultants  there by avoiding delay in getting opinion.

3. Each consultants fees payable shall be displayed on the website.

4. The consultation fees includes the consultants charges and services charges. The consultant will be paid the fees after deducting our service charges.

5. Consultant charges and charges are subject to change from time to time which will be displayed in the website.

6. All rights to make changes and modifications and any additions to the terms are reserved by us. And these shall be given acceptance by you.

If any dispute arises between us during the period of your membership or thereafter  in connection with the validity interpretation, implementation of alleged breach of the contents of the letter of terms & conditions of use, this dispute will be resolved or referred to a sole arbitrator or two arbitrators each one of us nominating one.  The two nominated by us can appoint another arbitrator. The place for this resolvement of differences shall be Hyderabad and proceedings will be governed by the Indian Arbitration & Conciliation act 1996. The language shall be English.

By click over the 'I accept' button ,this letter of agreement it is confirmed that you have read the above contents and have agreed to abide by the rules and regulations governing the network through and entire  and you shall have access to these services only under the specified rules.

I have read and thoroughly understood the above mentioned terms and conditions of use and agree that  I shall abide by the terms and conditions throughout my term.

                                                                    I accept           I reject