When I am doing my post graduation, one of my friend brought his wife for antenatal ultrasound scanning. By that time I am ready to leave the department on important work.  Because I am already one hour log behind to my schedule. I am in a hurry mood to go. I requested my friend to come on next day morning. He told, not possible to him. 

   Immediately I did scan, report is single fetus of 35 weeks gestational age. No congenital. anomalies.

Follow up: She delivered twins.

Learning :  Never do interpretation in a hurry way.

                   Search for 2nd fetus when single fetus present.

                   Search for 3rd fetus when twin fetus present.

                   Search for 4th ......

Learning submitted by  Dr. M. Adinarayana Rao M.D.(Radio-diagnosis).

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