"Learning is an eternal process"

'Future will be cope up by learning only'

Aim of Learning center

Radiologyworld starts this service to avoid or to reduce interpretation errors so that clinician's confidence over radiology and radiologist will be enhanced drastically so that he will take appropriate accurate decisions without hesitation and 2nd opinion which will save time as well as money to the patient. By this service whole radiology community will get benefit.

 In this digital world ,as a human being, radiologist is doing good services through accurate diagnosis to this medical world. Really interpretating the things accurately is very tough, challenging, charming task. Our beloved Sir issac Newton interpretated the apple falling from tree accurately. Even though billions of people saw the apple falling from the tree so many times but none could  interpretate accurately. Interpretation is so tough even though it  appears to be simple.

Daily radiologist interpretating the X-ray, Ultrasonography,CT, MRI scans, Angios. But Some times  on rare occassions radiologist's interpretation may not reflect  accuracy or reality after feed back or on retrospective analysis. A good radiologist learns the lessons from the mistakes done by himself or herself. According to psychologists effective way of learning is "trail and error" methods. Eminent radiologist learns the lessons from self mistakes and from mistakes done by other radiologist. In radiology, there is a lot of superimposition of physiology and pathology. Hence mistakes are common specially when disease is in early phase or when differentiating radiological method or modality is not available.

Here is an opportunity for you, to become eminent radiologist by learning from other radiologist mistakes.

Correction of one mistake will guide to enhance our qualitative practice, saves the patient from morbidity or mortality.

Do not forget this column is only for radiologists. Patients are not allowed here. Without inhibition you can publish your learning's and guide young upcoming radiologists.

Post your learnings from mistakes or errors. Share and teach your valuable learnings (Irrespective of whether they are small or large) ,to the viewers of www.radiologyworld.com  .  

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